02.02.2013 happy birthday victoria song / 宋茜 !

oh, where do i start with you? it’s hard to think that you’re already 26— just a few years back you were that young girl in shinee’s replay, and now you’ve, along with the other members, grown up so so so so much.

honestly, i’m just terribly proud of you; you’ve made it from qingdao to beijing to korea, from a professional dance school to a south korean girl group, of all things, and even through the rough years you’ve never stopped smiling and trying your best (and i love you so much for this). 

f(x) would not be the same without you as its leader, and i’m just so glad that you decided to move to korea, to join sm, to join f(x), because otherwise i would’ve never become your fan.

2012 was already a great year for you and the girls, with your well-received electric shock comeback and your role in when love walked in, and now i wish you a wonderful birthday and the best of luck in 2013 (and every following year~) ;;;;

(so stay strong, and keep on singing, dancing, and doing what you love)

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