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Anonymous said: no gosh thank u so much ur answer was rly great and helped me understand a lot ;;; its just that ive looked stuff up but it never actually went into much detail? or helped me in any way n idk anyone else who'd really know n so i just wanted to know if i was doing this 'right'?? bc i felt like i was all wrong and the way i felt wasnt how i was supposed to feel at all and everyone else knew n i didn't and it was dumb and i felt dumb and confused but ;; ty again u cleared a lot up for me!!

omg pls dont feel dumb it’s totally understandable to be confused abt this kinda thing ;;; you aren’t doing anything wrong at all haha but i def feel you it can be hard to find helpful information x____x

but anyway im really glad i could help!!!

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Anonymous said: i read that aa ppl can have and maintain sexual r/s and i could/would like to be w a girl i think? like a lot..but?? sometimes im like yea i Can if i like her! n then i get rly grossed out n it makes me uncomfy n i feel ashamed ALSO idk if i rly like girls bc when i see a girl its like not anything special like boys are cute but i dont feel anything more n girls aren't cute but i do feel more so its like im attracted to them and not attracted to them too so i dont know..

mmm well first of all remember that asexuality is a much more complex spectrum than ppl think it is?? i think that the first part sounds kind of grey-ace to me, meaning that you would want to have a sexual relationship/can experience sexual attraction but only under certain conditions/only rarely…..if that makes sense….

additionally, remember that you can be attracted to someone but not want to pursue any sort of relationship with them?? i’m only attracted to girls, but i still have no desire to be romantically or sexually involved in any way, soooo yeah i think that attraction, desire for romantic involvement, and desire for sexual involvement are three entirely different things!! 

basically you can define your sexuality in any way that makes you comfortable!!! sexuality isn’t just…..black and white yeah…..someone who identifies as asexual can enjoy sex/thinking about it but not actually feel sexual attraction to people, or they can be repulsed by sex but still feel sexual attraction to people?? 

obviously im not an Expert on sexuality in any means and im not reallyyyy sure what you want to know from me but if you would like to maintain a sexual relationship w/ someone then thats completely fine, and if you dont, then thats fine too!! as long as you feel comfortable, yknow, bc thats whats important in the long run

Anonymous said: hi can i ask a q abt sexuality? im kind of confused but ur aa too so i?? kind of want to ask u.. stuff..

ooooooh sure go ahead!!

Why is the world so fucked up?


sext: talk to me about mickey milkovich’s character development

let’s get it funky now – a playlist of twenty funky, retro-sounding k-pop tunes to jam to


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